= Behavior Change. Our market research consultancy unites rigorous strategy with psychological analysis to facilitate new behavior towards your brand.

Engage the Limbic:

Up to 80% of behavior is generated by wordless experiences and emotions that emanate from the limbic system of the brain. Our proprietary research technique, Psychogenics™, engages both parts of the brain... [Learn more]

Insight is not Enough:

In today’s environment, strategies that focus on consumer insight are not sufficient to move consumers toward your brand. To be effective in the marketplace, your brand’s strategy must facilitate genuine behavior change... [Learn more]

What our Clients say:

ShrinkWrap® takes us beyond the obvious to the hidden truths. They crack open consumers to reveal primal drivers and insights, then deliver them in a simple, marketing-savvy way. The result is disarmingly effective communications.
-- Linda Watson, Director Global Brand Communications, GlaxoSmithKline... [See More]