Recent research in neuroscience demonstrates that as much as 80% of our decision-making process happens below the level of consciousness. Traditional marketing research approaches engage only the cognitive, conscious functions of the brain. These approaches would work if people made decisions based only on fact and logic, but that is not what happens.

Our work with consumers has shown that behavior is not only a function of logical constructs and beliefs from the prefrontal cortex area of the brain, but is also a function of wordless experiences and emotions that emanate from the limbic areas of the brain.

Our proprietary research methodology, Psychogenics™, engages the Limbic System. We watch and listen for wordless, non-rational experience because we understand this drives behavior. We dig for the rational and non rational structures which frame consumer desire. Our triangulated methodology allows us to analyze and reveal only the insights needed to facilitate change in the minds and hearts of your customer.

Most qualitative research digs here:

The Rational Brain

  • Rational thought
  • Emotional cognitions

goes beyond the rational into the experiential, where 80% of your target’s behavior is generated…

The Limbic Brain

  • Emotional Expression and Experience
  • Resonance and Attachment
  • Subconscious and autonomic behavior
  • Personal and collective narratives
  • Arousal and reward centers
  • Imagery and archetypes