Traditional qualitative research approaches often reveal insights that are “true but useless”. Even when consumers identify strongly with an insight, it cannot be certain that the insight has the potential to affect behavior in the marketplace. We pressure test our insights by using our   Road Map for Behavior Change™. Our model is simple, yet effective. It works on the following principals:
  • Go with the flow: Travel in the direction your consumers are already going. Our research uncovers the source of the flow and leverages its power for your brand.
  • Investigate Target Primal Needs: Find the consumer needs that are so strong and deep, they will create a steady behavioral cascade towards your brand.
  • Reveal Belief Constructs: Unconscious and conscious beliefs form a scaffolding in the mind of the target which keeps current behavior in place. We illuminate the scaffold of ideas, emotions, and experiences. New behavior is induced when belief constructs are satisfied, flipped, or circumvented.
  • Analyze the brand and determine the specific brand assets that have the potential to trigger new action.